I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying.
-Michael Jordan

"About Me"

I’ve tried to find words that make this section sound normal–not cliché. I can’t. I make pens, among other things, but my pens, they’re amazing. They’re why I’m transitioning off of Etsy into the great unknown. I’m often asked “Why?! You’re Etsy store is among the top 5% of sellers worldwide.” My response is pretty simple: if my pens & customer service are so exceptional that I’m able to succeed on a cut-throat platform, where your competition is literally one click away & on the same page as my product, then it’s that time–time to grow.

What I do

Personalized, custom & unique–everything made is crafted for individuality. For example, a pen case needs to be cut to size the particular pen it’s going to hold. Cutting a hard maple lid (Right)


Presently, nearly all items available for purchase in this world are made for production. I choose not to follow.

I value making a difference in the market of consumable goods. I take pride in timely delivery without sacrificing impeccable quality–regardless of quantity ordered.

Anyone who desires to break away from what I refer to as the “IKEA mindset”–fast-food; quick & easy fixes; short-term gratification over life-long happiness–why not start here.

Making something, seeing one’s own accomplishments, the work & labor turning into something tangible & incredible, alters the lens through which our society, however miniscule it may be, views the world.

In other words, even a handmade pen improves the mental health of all society. As they say, ‘when a butterfly flaps its wings’…

My Workshop / Third Stall of Garage -- Where it all started

Hard Work Pays Off

Just A Small Sampling...

Unique Personalized Burl Wood Rollerball Pen
Handmade Personalized Fountain Pen In Cherry Burl
Unique Personalized Burl Wood Rollerball Pen
Handmade Personalized Fountain Pen In Cherry Burl
Spalted Maple Wooden Bowl
Black Walnut bowl on kitchen counter
Wood Rollerball Pen

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have a unique request, especially if you're a corporation looking for that perfect gift for staff, clients or a unique way to simply promote your business. One particular organization said they look at my personalized pens as a "one-time marketing fee."