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Personalized Custom Pens
--From Tree To You, Delivering Nature To All--

Trusted by over 2,000+ Personalized Custom Pen Lovers & Micro to Mega-Cap Corporations Worldwide

  • I specialize in custom corporate orders. I provide a unique opportunity to personalize & create a custom pen(s) & handcrafted display cases with the company logo/monogram engraved exactly as desired.

  • You receive precisely what your organization is looking for, both when, and where you need it–whether that’s NYC or Hong Kong.
  • Head over to my Etsy site in the meantime for more pens. If an item is cheaper on either, I’ll honor the lowest marked price. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Personalized custom pens are perfect for any event or occasion including birthdays, weddings, graduations, holidays, anniversaries, retirement celebrations, thank you gifts, and more.

My custom pens, handcrafted from tree to you, are the perfect gift for the person who has everything.

Note: I have countless styles & trim available in almost any type of pen–e.g., rollerball, fountain, ballpoint etc. If you have a particular request of any kind, I either have it, or can do it. Please send me an email as I can’t list all of my inventory in the ‘Shop’ Section of my webpage. I’m a maker, my web design capabilities are still in the works! Thank you!

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I create unique & exquisite personalized custom pens primarily from burl wood. Burl wood has a distinct & intricate pattern that gives each pen a one-of-a-kind look.

My specialty is using Black Cherry Burl wood to craft personalized custom pens that are unmatched in beauty & quality. I take great pride in finding & handcrafting each piece of wood–I create each from a dying or storm-fallen piece of magnificent timber, which I mill entirely on my own. My attention to detail & commitment to excellence ensure that each pen is a work of art. You can be confident that if you acquire one of my pens, you will have a stunning and unique writing instrument that will be treasured for years to come.

From tree to you, all by me.

He’s loving it!

Meet The Maker

I log & mill my own wood—save my exotic hardwood & acrylic personalized custom pens. In other words, the crafted handmade pen you are purchasing is quite unique.

My wood pens are literally trees I’ve logged in northern Wisconsin, and from tree felling, to when you open your package, the only person to touch those personalized custom pens has been me. I pride my work in this, as I am the only truly “organic pen maker” I’m aware of.

Moreover, my ability to engrave names, monograms & especially corporate logos is a large part of my business. The personalized custom pens I craft, be it for you, as an everyday carry pen, to the Board of Directors & Senior Executives at large-cap corporations, are the real deal. You’re not paying for the finished product, you’re purchasing a pen with a real story—you’re purchasing “real.”

My resume includes Fortune 50 companies, massive healthcare juggernauts, small businesses & the everyday user.

**I highly encourage you to read my testimonials below.


Custom Orders & Gifts -- Wood Pens & More

My line of Luxury Personalized Custom Pens consists of high-end Fountain & Rollerball Pens. I generally keep a few listed, but many are custom orders due to the nature of nib size & manufacturer, or ink cartridge & tip regarding Fountain/Rollerball Pens respectively.

A little on gifting?!


Gifting Ideas: 

• The person who has everything

• Retirement gifts

• Any holiday

• Just because

• Back to school

• Father’s Day

• Mother’s Day

• Graduation

• His and hers wedding gifts

• Best Man / Maid of Honor / Matron of Honor

• Birthday

• Anniversary — Fifth is Wood 😉

• That Collector Of Unique Wood Pens!

Unique Wood Pens
Black Cherry Burl, Two-Tone Fountain Pen w/ JoWo #6 Medium Nib
Spalted Maple Bowl Live Edge
Occasionally I Make A Bowl Or Two


Most frequent questions and answers

What’s the most ergonomic pen for someone who writes a lot?

My everyday carry (EDC) click pens are fantastic options. They can accept gel, gel-rollerball, rollerball-like fluid ballpoint (eg., Schmidt easyFLOW9000), and regular ballpoint cartridges. These EDC pens are phenomenal for this very purpose, ergonomic everyday use. Their balance and streamlined design yields a comfortable feel coupled with a natural flow as the tip glides across the page. Analogous to Goldilocks and the Three Bears–these pens are just right.

I'm looking for a specific kind of pen not listed on your website. Can you make me this particular pen in your signature burl?

Absolutely. I do this frequently enough that I order nearly any hardware style/trim to customize whatever it is you’re looking for. I’ve even engineered a stylus tipped with 6mm leather cord from scratch for a professor who uses infrared touchscreen devices since these screens are bumpy and rough on regular materials. You name it, I can probably do it!

What’s a good pen for someone with small hands?

My Slimline model is your standard, ‘regular’ sized pen. Just like the bulk packages of ballpoint pens you can buy at your local retail store. Though, I pay special attention to fashion the gripped portion of every pen into a shape conducive to both comfort & ease of use.

What’s the most drop-dead impressive pen you make?

Real subjective here! But, I find that the Majestic Fountain Pen in the Gentleman’s Style w/ Rhodium Trim & Black Titanium Accents takes the top spot. Further, for that extra little touch, there’s a Swarovski Crystal embedded in the clip.

You don't list any Rollerball Styles without a Cap. Why is this?

Ink in a rollerball pen is water-based. This makes them prone to drying out. Ballpoint pens are oil-based, and don’t evaporate nearly as readily. In other words, without a solid seal to keep the ink from being exposed to air for a prolonged period of time, they dry out.

Unfortunately this means that twist pens are almost exclusively ballpoint; however, my Squire line is a Gel-Rollerball. In short, it’s a hybrid that allows for a rollerball like transition from tip to paper.

What's the difference between the Olympian Elite2 & the Classic Fountain Pens?

The Olympian Elite2 is more a bit larger in both length and width, generally better for those with large hands, or just like to use a fountain pen unposted (the cap not attached to the back/bottom of the pen while writing).

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