Rollerball Pens

Engraved Wooden pens are not just for decoration! The perfect gift for any occasion, our rollerball pen features a beautifully engraved design to match your personal tastes. It is small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket or bag and trims enough that it does not feel bulky in the hand. A matte black lacquer paint coat gives the body of the case an opalescent sheen, while underneath lies the natural hue of untreated wood.

Our custom wooden rollerball pens are engravable and specifically meant as a gift. The wood used to make it is natural and handcrafted, so it has the signature ‘woody’ smell, which people (especially seasoned writers) will appreciate. The pen is comfortable to hold and write with for extended periods of time. It’s small but sturdy enough that it feels solid in the hand without being too bulky or heavy.

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