Fountain Pens

Featuring wood from renewable sources, these engravable fountain pens will give your desk an eco-friendly chic.

Our Engraved wooden fountain pens add a touch of personality and an air of prestige that other pens simply can’t match. These pens are crafted from 1/100th of a cubic inch of walnut logs sourced right here in the USA. Each plank is cut to 1-1/2″ widths, glued up with industrial-strength adhesive, and then given time to dry until it’s just perfect. We soak the dried slats in water – because air-dried wood doesn’t actually wrinkle or crack if steamed before bending into shape – that means these pens always have an attractive finish that may become more beautiful over time depending on how you take care of them. And did we mention they’re super stylish?

Each pen is beautifully crafted by expert woodworkers that utilize exotic woods to ensure the best writing experience. And the laser-engraved design option add a touch of personality and prestige, while the classy metal nib ensures a smooth feeling when you’re writing or sketching while adding all the glamour.

We have a special acrylic resin engravable kind that comes in a breathtaking, glossy finish and feels amazing to hold. Other fountain pens include finishes and handcrafted designs made from exotic woods like Cocobolo, Bocote, and Olivewood. You can also get your order in various nib sizes to fit your everyday requirements.

All our wood fountain pens are made to order and can be customized with laser engravings on the cap or body of the pen; this option is available for any design, logo, insignia, quote, monogramming… you name it. They make great personalized gifts for everyone on your holiday lists like your best clients, employees, or coworkers – for any occasion where you want to give the perfect gift.

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