Unique Glossy Glass Finish Acrylic Resin Fountain & Rollerball Pens

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This listing will be updated periodically as I continue to build upon current inventory. Acrylic, and acrylester pens aren’t my showcase pens, but I do them, especially as custom orders, very frequently. Questions, just ask!


Gold trim comes standard with a #6 Medium Tipped Nib, but can be Fine Tipped Nib can be substituted at no extra charge. I have several of each size & do it prior to shipment.

Rhodium & Platinum come standard with a #6 Fine Tipped Nib. But, as with the Gold, substitutions are no charge.

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Please specify exactly which pen you’d like in an email to adam@makingshavingz.com Thank you!


Acrylic Resin Fountain & Rollerball Pens in various trim and nib tip sizes. E.g., Medium & Fine, Extra Fine and Broad available upon request.

I have been expanding into acrylic and acrylester materials, now making and crafting all kinds of high-end fancy user friendly pens.

These pens are eye-catching & colorful mosaics. I handturn these creative acrylic pens for both regular customers who have a particular taste with respect to design—width, thickness, style & trim—and in general for the individual who sees that special resin pen that catches their eye.

I turn to shape & style upon request. I will create special listings & turn orders for a variety of products: different colors, different materials, and different hardware (the metal components) to suit all needs.

Lastly, with respect to finish, my finishing process doesn’t involve days, weeks or a long drawn-out time frame. I use logic to impart a glass finish. They are stunning, mirror-like! I mention this because I believe it highlights my capacity to make the best of the best, efficiently, which speaks volumes regarding my entire operation. Experience means everything, please see my reviews.

I ship within a few hours. If I’m unable to do so, it’s 24 hours or 1 business day—except if I’m away, ~once every 2 months, from the shop sawing wood. Then it’s up to 3 business days.

* I include a velvet sleeve with all pens regardless of whether or not a custom box is ordered.

Refillable, handmade, unique and crafted to your desired design, style, trim and specifications.

Questions, please ask!

I make every effort to ensure you are 100% happy with your purchase.

These also the best gifts for the person who has everything. Any holiday, birthdays, graduation, retirement etc. Stunning and polished to a glass finish with 100% Carnauba wax.


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