Pastel Brazilian Tulipwood Ballpoint or Gel Pen In Gold Trim

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This fine Brazilian Tulipwood ballpoint pen is perfect for on the go, especially when you want to make that subtle statement. This particular pen is plated in 22K gold & is perfect for everyone from the everyday writer, regular use at work, all the way to the pen collector.

**This can be converted to a gel pen by simply using a standard Parker-style cartridge. They’re interchangeable with the Parker-style cartridge currently installed. Please let me know if you’d like this as a gel pen instead and I will happily swap out cartridges.**

Brazilian tulipwood, scientifically known as Dalbergia decipularis & Dalbergia frutescens, is a rare and highly sought-after hardwood species native to Brazil. It is also referred to as Brazilian rosewood or jacaranda-da-bahia. Despite the name, it is not related to tulipwood derived from the tulip tree (Liriodendron spp.).

Appearance-wise, Brazilian tulipwood features a stunning combination of colors and patterns. The heartwood of the tree displays various shades of pink, purple, and red, often with streaks of yellow or orange. The coloration can be highly variable, ranging from pale pink to a deep reddish hue. The sapwood, in contrast, is typically a pale yellow color and serves as a nice contrast to the darker heartwood.

The grain pattern of Brazilian tulipwood is usually straight, but it can also exhibit interlocking or wavy patterns, adding to its visual appeal. The wood has a fine to medium texture with a natural luster, giving it a smooth and polished appearance. It is known for its excellent natural sheen and takes finishes exceptionally well, making it a favorite among woodworkers and artisans.

In addition to its captivating aesthetics, Brazilian tulipwood is prized for its durability and strength. It possesses excellent dimensional stability, which means it is less prone to warping, shrinking, or expanding due to changes in humidity or temperature. The wood is known for its hardness and density, making it suitable for various applications that require a robust and long-lasting material.

Brazilian tulipwood has been traditionally used in high-end cabinetry, furniture making, veneers, musical instruments (such as guitars and ukuleles), turned objects, and other specialty items. Its scarcity and unique beauty have made it a favorite among collectors and enthusiasts.

However, it is essential to note that due to overexploitation and unsustainable harvesting practices in the past, Brazilian tulipwood is now considered endangered and listed under CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) Appendix II. This listing prohibits the international trade of Brazilian tulipwood without proper permits to ensure its conservation and protection.

Also included with your purchase:
* Velvet sleeve regardless of whether or not a custom box is ordered.
* Replacement gel ink cartridge

Size: 3/8″ x ~5-1/2” in length
Finish: Dewaxed Shellac, my proprietary friction polish, followed by a single coat of stringed instrument lacquer. What a shine.

–Box or display cases available: Please see separate listing:

* Personalized laser engraving available at no extra charge (if the length of the name/design allows it)
* Names, monograms, and/or designs are all engravable

Gifting Ideas:
• The person who has everything
• Retirement
• Any holiday
• Just because
• Back to school
• Father’s Day
• Mother’s Day
• Graduation
• His and hers wedding gifts
• Best Man / Maid of Honor / Matron of Honor
• Birthday
• Anniversary
• Valentines Day

One of the most breathtaking, colorful woods, in a pen that is of the same caliper.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Laser Engraved



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