Stunning Acrylic Resin Gentleman's Fountain Pen | #6 Medium Nib -- "Crushed Silver"


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This is the EXACT Gentleman’s Fountain Pen you’ll be receiving. My luxury line of burl pens are listed individually.

Number 6 Medium Nib

Iridium Tip


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The classic design & superb balance of this Rhodium & 22K Fountain Pen in the Gentlemen’s style makes this pen a favorite among those who prefer larger, heftier desk pens.

Extraordinarily challenging to turn, this inlace Crushed Silver Acrylester Fountain Pen is a semi-translucent acrylic resin that exhibits a remarkable irridescent shimmer. It’s chatoyant, unique pearlescent patterns and amazing visual depth is second to none.

This Rhodium model offers 22K Gold Accents on the center band & cap. The “fast action” thread found on the Gentleman’s fountain pen guarantees silky smooth operation & requires only 1 & 1/2 turns to attach or remove the pen cap. Moreover, it has a Swarovski crystal embedded in the clip.

In the tradition of fine desk pens, this particular style of my highly figured luxury pens is designed for use with the cap unattached (not posted)—ensuring that you will enjoy the effortless writing & superb balance of the Gentleman’s Fountain pen every time you use it. Just be sure to leave the pen cap in plain sight where others can see what they’re missing!

This Crushed Silver Fountain Pen has a German-made two-tone nib w/ Medium iridium point for smooth writing & dependable ink flow.

Includes premium fountain ink refill cartridge;
“Fast action” thread for fast, smooth operation; and a high-end ink reservoir for use with genuine fountain ink.

Size: 11/16” x ~6-1/2” in length

Finish: Dewaxed Shellac followed by my proprietary friction polish & Carnauba wax for the sheen of a lifetime! Glass finish!

* I include a velvet sleeve with all pens regardless of whether or not a custom box is ordered.

* I include replacement ink cartridges & piston ink reservoirs for fountain pens


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