Engravable Custom Handmade Burl Wood Fountain Pen

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Perhaps the most distinguished & defining writing instrument, the fountain pen is one style of pen that the true writing connoisseur cannot live without.

**I have premium nibs manufactured by JoWo in Gold or Silver in all sizes: Medium, Fine, and Extra Fine tips as well. Should you prefer one of these nibs, please email me at adam@makingshavingz.com**
Line laid:
-Medium ~0.7mm
-Fine ~0.5mm
-EF ~0.3mm

This luxury fountain pen is handmade from black cherry burl wood. Extraordinarily time consuming, not to just craft with expertise & precision, but to log and mill entirely myself, cherry burl is a domestic wood that is usually considered to be in the same class as mahogany for usage in the United States (source: Bell Forest Products). It is a wood for fine furniture & luxury items. The stiff & strong wood has complex interwoven grain with incredible blue streaks to birdseye-like speckles. Black cherry is also prized for being “photoreactive” —in other words—it darkens with exposure to light. This the reason cherry is known for its dark reddish hue with age.

The pen is a large, stately fountain pen in polished chrome & has a center gold accent band w/ finely threaded triple start cap, which allows for the writer to easily unscrew & write away with minimal effort. The cap can be either posted for the writer who prefers a particular balance, or unposted for a luxurious feel as the nib glides across whatever stationary one chooses. The nib itself has a German-made, medium iridium tip for smooth writing & dependable ink flow. I offer upgrades to JoWo Medium (M), Fine (F), and Extra Fine (EF) #6 nibs in both Gold or Silver.

Included with the pen is a classy black leatherette display case.

Also included:
*Top of the line ink reservoir for use with genuine fountain ink
*Replacement box of five ink cartridges refills
*Your choice of blue or black ink

* Personalized laser engraving available at no extra charge (if the length of the name/design allows it)
* Names, monograms, and/or designs are all engravable

Size: 13/16” x ~6” in length
Finish: Dewaxed Shellac followed by coat of the old stringed instrument nitrocellulose lacquer–the stuff you’ll find on items like heirloom Les Paul guitars.

Gifting Ideas:
• The person who has everything
• Retirement
• Any holiday
• Just because
• Back to school
• Father’s Day
• Mother’s Day
• Graduation
• His and hers wedding gifts
• Best Man / Maid of Honor / Matron of Honor
• Birthday
• Anniversary

One of the most breathtaking woods, in a pen that is of the same caliper.

Arguably the most attractive of all writing instruments, these magnificent fountain pens far exceed the writing fluidity and ease of the most expensive ballpoint and rollerball pens. A pen one shouldn’t be without.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 3 in
Laser Engraved



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